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100tpd Complete Set Rice Processing Plant

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   Product Description

  WINTONE 100tons/day complete set rice mill machinery from claner, destoner, husker, whtiner, grader, mist polisher to color sorter, packing machinery.

  The complete set rice mill machinery comprises scalping machine of quality properties, cleaning sieve, stoner, rubber roller rice huller, grain sieve, grit, iron roller whitening machine, rice sizing screen, rice polishing machine and high efficient bucket elevator and electric control panel etc. The whole process from grain classifying, rice hulling and husked rice separating, rice milling to rice classifying is all computerized.

  Product Features

  1. Each major operation machines are driven by independent electric motor assorted by electric control panel for separate controls.

  2. The techniques can be specially designed and flexibly assembled in accordance with what is required by users that can process rice of various precision.

  3. Paintings can use static injection techniques that show bright and clean facade and lasting lustre.

  4. The pipe for materials adopts glass pipe that is both artistic and durable.

  5. The dust extraction adopts high-efficient dust collecting units that satisfy the requirements fo environmental protection.

  Why Choose WINTONE

  1.Our rice milling machines have been sold all over the world.As long as three is rice,there are our machines.From the plant drawing design,machines installations and after-sales services,we all have enjoyed good communications and established long terms cooperation with our customers already.

  2. With advanced technology, the high quality of unit machine,high white rice yield,excellcnt polished rice quality and low price,our complete set of rice milling equipment series 18TPD to 200TPD,or rice mill with other higher capacity can be provided with customers' demands.



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